Three rouges who enjoy geocaching and all the banter and ale that goes with it

April 16, 2018

Out today with Basset4 in the sunshine 30 finds 

2 loops plus some drivebys, nice to see some overhead fibre being installed out in the sticks also

October 25, 2017

Sunshine and showers this morning, Shaun is heading east to bag a new county for us before a check on our calling Bassetts snow hill cache then down to Liverpool for the night

October 24, 2017

Shaun heads to west is best to complete the 4 extriemitys of the British mainland

August 30, 2017

stats anomaly found and sorted, a double log on an archived cache hence why it never got fixed by a finds update 

August 20, 2017

Random walk with 5 finds

August 18, 2017

Shaun bags 8 on a morning caching trip

August 14, 2017

A few caches went live last night, we did think about it, mountain goat was up for them but I'm far to old to go out at that time of night nowadays, so we did them today along with some maintenance of our caches in the area, we bagged a few more on the way home and did...

August 11, 2017

Quick find by Shaun not want I thought it was going to be

August 8, 2017

Lee bags another

August 5, 2017

Lee bags More than meets the pies!! whilst in the park with his kids, after 20 minutes trying to get the log out as he had no tweezers!

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