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Mardle meandering with PIAP

May 26, 2019

Out today with PIAP, some interesting log signs (broken ankles) 5 mile walk with no DNFs, even found one that elluded us last time, and showed some caching celebs how it's done 😉, we have been caching since before it became uncool 😁, followed by some quick fire drive bys resulting in our only DNF for the day, we will be back!


One of the better fields #ratemyfield.com

Get in there Sam

Planking as it's best


That hedge!

Shaun the horse Whisper


Safely behind the gate

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The North Team out in Action another find for Lancashire only 5 more to turn the county dark blue!

North Team In Action

February 13, 2020

Ok well a trip to watch some football, Shaun bags Austria and Germany

Shaun's European Tour

December 15, 2019

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