North Team at it again !

North team day trip

Team TB North Team thought they would enjoy a rare day of sunshine up here. So on the 9th April north team decided we would go out and do a bit of geocaching. We arrived at a remote location which was originally planned to go see a waterfall however plans changed.    Viewing the waterfall didn't happen as we got a little off track and up some giant hills. Team TB north had a leisurely walk in the boiling hot sun. During the walk we used a mixture of the geocaching app satalite mode and lees weird app( locus map with OS maps, the newbie needs further training 'weird app' 🙄)   I would say, personally had a really fun day, enjoyable to say the least. You know physically it was quite demanding, especially climbing over barbed wire because someone * cough cough lee* led us down the wrong path, but it added to the experience and made it even more fun, lots of laughs, nice conversation and plenty of photo opportunities. 

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