Three rouges who enjoy geocaching and all the banter and ale that goes with it

September 26, 2019

A trip down south and over to the Isle of Wight to bag a few caches there

September 26, 2019

we have now found a cache on every day of a year

 we have been working on this during the last year, well Shaun has mostly so it was only fitting that he found the last one needed to fill it

September 23, 2019

Shaun bags 24 around Gissing 

September 7, 2019

A trip to Spain with Geochild & son-in-law (PIAP) managed 101 finds in a day (i forgot to log 1)  total of 200 for the trip

April 16, 2019

16 finds for Shaun today but 2 DNFs

 most caches were an easy find but one took a second visit, the day ended looking for a fine pair which were soon found!

June 19, 2018

Two circular walks today the first being in Beccles and the second at Carlton Marshes 

August 30, 2017

stats anomaly found and sorted, a double log on an archived cache hence why it never got fixed by a finds update 

August 20, 2017

Random walk with 5 finds

August 5, 2017

Lee bags More than meets the pies!! whilst in the park with his kids, after 20 minutes trying to get the log out as he had no tweezers!

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